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$tock Chart Manager
$tock Chart Manager is a premier stock charting tool that produces top of the line charts that are easy to read. All the basic indicators are included. Free data. Export. Watch lists and much m...
StockMarketMirror upgrade to 6.0 - 6.9
StockMarketMirror, version 6.0, an innovative and easy to use, advanced charting and stock market timing software system for individual and institutional investors with automation of daily program ...
WebCab Bonds for .NET
General Interest derivatives pricing .NET Component. FRAs, Duration, Yield,...
WebCab Portfolio for .NET
Apply Markowitz Theory and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) to analyze and construct the optimal portfolio with/without asset weight constraints with respect to Markowitz Theory by giving the ris...
WebCab Options (J2EE Edition)
General Equity derivatives pricing framework.
Mobsoft Project Presenter
Mobsoft Project Presenter is the easiest way to compress and present your files!
WebCab Options for .NET
General Equity derivatives pricing framework.
Annotation drawing software. Draw on top of any program running on your desktop.
Conference Rooms Scheduler Network Version
Scheduler for conference/functions/lectures/meetings rooms.
WebCab Bonds for Delphi
General Interest derivatives pricing framework. Duration, Yield,...
StormPay Flash Button Creator
This program creates StormPay Flash Buttons
ESBCalc Pro Suite
Contains ESBCalc Pro, Scientific Calculator, and ESBUnitConv Pro, Unit Conversion Utility for Win32 Platforms
ManageMore Simple Start Edition
Most advanced all-in-one Business Accounting and Inventory Control Software available for small business. ManageMore automates all aspects of your business including A/R, A/P, G/L, POS, Inventory...
Excel Compare
Likeoffice Excel Compare is a unique program which lets you analyze differences in Excel documents. It was award prizes for its simplicity and effectiveness. It does Logical and Visual comparison.L...
Model Explorer for Econometric Views
Expert assistant for Econometric Views
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